This is where it begins.


I expect changes, including unexpected changes.

Nearly nothing in my life has been usual, which has made me not the usual type of person.

I had a vision in 1973 that convinced me that God is real, the Bible is true, and Jesus is alive. It was comparable to Paul’s conversion described in the book of Acts in the New Testament, or Isaiah’s vision in the Temple described in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, and it changed me.

I’ve spent 40 years trying to surrender to the One who died for me.

I also began reading the source books of every religion I heard about and educating myself on the wonders of the universe. I love physics especially.

I gave everyone a chance to convince me the Bible wasn’t true, to convert me to their belief. Instead my conviction grew that it wasn’t just an experience, and that God was addressing mankind, and me.

But I have a message for the church, Church, or church world a (whichever you prefer) as well.

Get it together, get real!

So few Christians act like they believe what they say they believe.

Who lives righteously? Who lives according to the truth?

I know it’s not easy! Mankind is broken, and that’s what the Bible teaches. And the good news is, God wants us repaired and returned – all of us, but we choose every moment of every day.  Our will makes the difference.

But  not every Christian is a failure, don’t get me wrong. We have to trust God, and even more trust his grace in our failures – but to overcome our failures and become like the One who died and was resurrected. And I want to tell how that’s gone with me.

I’m willing to be corrected on factual errors. I’ll listen to arguments I haven’t yet heard, but as this site grows, you’ll see that I’ve already listened to many and varied from all kinds of backgrounds. And nearly everyone had something interesting, sometimes profound even, that I gained. I thank them all.

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